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My dear friends,

We've come to the defining crisis of human history. And if we're going to get through this, it will only be through a massive and extremely painful and complete transformation.

This transformation won't just be individual, it will have to be structural. It will have to be economic, political, spiritual, and emotional. All at once. And very fast.

Anyone who isn't prepared to see the extremity of what is happening, is enabling disaster. 

Anyone who isn't prepared to do the intense work that is required to become love in action, is allowing the dark to destroy the planet.

This is the time when humanity will either call for a revolution of love-in-action on every level, or die out in unspeakable suffering and despair. 

That is the bad news... and it's time that everyone is adult enough to hear it. 

The great good news is that this death could be the birth canal of an unprecedented birth. The birth of an embodied divine humanity that lives in humble harmony with the Creation.

For 40 years, I have been aware of both this death, and this potential rebirth... and I want to offer you these resources of vision and practice and inspiration that I know from my inmost experience can guide you through anything, and keep you aligned with truth and joy. 

Whatever happens.

With all my hope and love, 

Andrew Harvey

Please accept this collection of free and healing resources, as a token of my everlasting and enormous belief in you... and your ability to transform our world.



Your Infinite and Radiant Heart

Join Andrew for a traditional Buddhist meditation practice designed to help you awaken and connect to your infinite, radiant, and compassionate heart.

Guided Buddhist Tonglen Meditation


Experience the Wisdom of Rumi

A selection of Rumi readings specifically selected by Andrew for their relevance to our current crisis. These highly thought-provoking and emotion-invoking readings will assist you in exploring your spirituality and provide you with a catalyst to look within for your own answers to the questions that perplex us all... and help you to find the strength to survive this current crisis.

The Eternal Wine:
Poems of Rumi for Our Time


10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Become a Sacred Activist

Excerpt from The Hope

Let me offer you ten things you can do right now, or within the next twenty-four hours, to start to align yourself with the power and hope of Sacred Activism. The first six will invite you into deep, nourishing, connection with your spirit; the last four will help you express the compassion and joy this connection awakens in you in action.

1. Write down now one thing that today has made you feel grateful to be alive.

2. Now write down, without thinking too much or editing yourself, just "off the top of your heart", ten things you would say are "sacred" to you. 

3. Think of someone who has hurt you or betrayed you and make a commitment to work on forgiving them. 

4. Read a short text from any of the world’s spiritual traditions that inspires you with the love-wisdom of those prophets and mystics that know God directly.

5. Pray a short prayer that aligns you with the "pure deep love" that is longing to use you as its instrument in the world. 

6. Make now a real commitment to spiritual practice.

7. Strengthened by prayer, practice and inspiration, turn now to your life and the people in it. 

8. Make a commitment to miss one meal in the coming twenty-four hours and send a check for the money you would have spent on it to a reputable organization dealing with world hunger.

9.  There are families in your immediate vicinity who are suffering. Make a commitment to find out who they are and what they might need and ring six of your friends to make a commitment with you to begin supplying them what they require. 

10. Make a commitment today, even if you are in financial difficulties, to tithe between five and ten percent of what you earn to a cause of your choice.

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Connect with the profound messages and teachings featured in Andrew's best-selling book,
The Hope: A Guide To Sacred Activism. 

Downloadable Audiobook

Enter your name and email address and be granted immediate and unlimited access to this critically important resource from Andrew. Please note, this program features over 8 hours of recorded audio.


The Universal Voice of Rumi

Join Andrew for a beautiful reading of four messages, spilling forth from the heart and soul of Rumi.

“Nothing that happens on the surface of the sea can alter the calm of its depths.”

Andrew Harvey


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